Coaching vs Therapy

Life Coaching and Therapy/ Counseling are two distinctly different processes where one is not a substitute or replacement for another. 

Therapy has more of a focus on healing from the past to have a better present.

Coaching utilizes the present as the starting point and establishes actions to take control of creating and achieving the desired future.

Therapy is the treatment of psychological distress such as but not limited to; anxiety, depression, eating disorders and trauma. In many instances therapy is based around understanding and healing from past traumas. Therapy can involve gaining an understanding of your subconscious/ unconscious mind to recognize unhealthy patterns and behaviors impacting your overall mental health. 

Life Coaching is more about setting and achieving goals while identifying and removing obstacles and problematic behaviors that are in your way. 
Life Coaching can be utilized for but is not limited to; removing that feeling of being stuck and on autopilot in your day to day life, setting actionable and achievable goals and steps, accessing and amplifying your inner motivation, quieting your inner critic, acknowledging your habits that get in the way and replacing them with healthy habits, accelerating career goals such as promotions and career changes.

Life Coaching is finding what your true dream life is and how to get there.